Angle Iron Cover, American Discount Aluminum, Inc., Vinyl Division
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What Customers Say

"I am a builder and once I used the covers for the first time, I will never go back to painting. Cheaper, lasts longer, and a piece of cake to install." - Todd (Builder)

"Great product! I just had my second brick house built and found your product online. I asked my builder to install the Angle Iron Covers. It looks great and I will never have to repaint my rusted lintels like I had to do on my old house. Thank you, Angle Iron Cover!" - Patrick (Homeowner)

"If you build brick houses, Angle Iron Covers are a must. Your homeowner will thank you!" - Paul (Builder)

"Great customer service and very fast shipping. Love the variety of colors. Very easy to install. Cheaper than painting, plus it lasts forever." - Chad (Construction Sales)

"At first I thought it was going to be a pain to install, but after installing the first one it’s a snap." - John (a mason)

"I no longer have callbacks on rusty lintels." - Bob (Builder)

"My customers are happy that we take care of small details." - Juan (Builder)

"Now when I take customers in a home I don’t have to worry about rust above the doorway openings." - Jackie (Realtor)