Angle Iron Cover
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Providing a Vinyl Solution to an Ironclad Problem...

The unpleasant sight of a rusty, corroded angle iron over your home's entryway and windows can now be easily avoided by using a vinyl Angle Iron Cover.

This simple accent is ideal for the value-conscious home owner concerned about protecting their investment and the resale value of their home.

The Angle Iron Cover provides aesthetically pleasing accents that can actually add to your home's appreciated value.

The Angle Iron Cover is perfect solution for most architectural designs and environments, and never needs painting!

Available in a selection of five preferred decorator colors, the Angle Iron Cover's brushed finish will compliment a wide variety of brick textures, styles and colors used in the construction of classic, traditional and contemporary masonry homes.

Although, you will never need to paint the vinyl Angle Iron Cover, it's a truly versatile product which can be painted to further enhance the appearance of your home. Contact your local paint store for professional assistance in choosing an appropriate vinyl paint.