Angle Iron Cover, American Discount Aluminum, Inc., Vinyl Division
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum order I can place?
The boxes are packaged in 25 pieces, each 10' long. One box, or 250', is the minimum order. However, the price per foot is discounted with larger orders.

Is shipping included in the cost?
Yes! There are no surprise or "hidden" costs when ordering the Angle Iron Cover.

How durable is it?
Our Angle Iron Covers are made of virgin exterior grade PVC, which is the same material found in high quality vinyl siding.

Won't it expand and bend in the weather, and if so, won't it move the bricks?
Although the Angle Iron Cover receives little to no direct sunlight, we recommend that a lubricant (such as WD-40)be sprayed on the vinyl surface. This allows for easy cleaning as well as any expansion or contraction.

Does this product prevent the angle iron from rusting?
Unless the angle iron is galvanized, it will rust. Angle Iron Covers do not promote, nor do they reduce the lintel rust. However, the unpleasant sight of a rusty, corroded angle iron over your home's entryways and windows can easily be avoided by using the Vinyl Angle Iron Covers.

Do you make longer pieces for use over garage doors?
we have found that 10' lengths are the longest size to which we can most efficiently ship to you. For covering wide entryways such as garages, we recommend overlapping the pieces or butting them together and sealing the seam with caulk.

What sizes do you have?
Angle Iron Covers come in two widths: 3" and a 3 ½" (If a different size is needed let us know)

Where can I purchase the Angle Iron Covers?
Most brick and masonry companies carry Angle Iron Covers. Some lumber yards also. Call us for your nearest suppler. 1-800-407-6266.

What is the delivery time?
Usually within 1-5 days. Some out of the way locations may take a little longer.

When installing, do you cut it about an 1/8 of an inch smaller than the window opening on each side?
The Angle Iron Cover should be cut the full length of the lintel. Cutting can easily be accomplished with aviation snips, large cutters or a utility knife.

How do I install the cover on an existing lintel?
To retrofit this product to existing construction, measure and cut a piece using aviation snips, large cutters or utility knife. Cut angle iron cover to fit snugly into opening. Prepare exposed angle iron by sanding and dusting off all paint, rust and dust. Grind out small amount of mortar above angle iron so lip of cover will set into groove. You can use a disc grinder to remove the mortar. Apply liquid nail or other comparable adhesive to angle iron and attach cover immediately. Hold into place a few seconds(or as adhesive directions suggest) then release. Then apply mortar or caulk in exposed lip/groove area you created to finish off the look.

How do I store Angle Iron Covers?
Prior to installing, store on a flat surface. Darker colors should be kept out of heat and direct sunlight prior to installation.